pizza is a form of art, beer is a craft of life

When the desire to produce exceptional pizza quality increases to it's highest demonstrate your willingness to sacrifice the cost or convenience...when you become so FANATICAL that it drives you every day to a point where you are willing to do and go where others will not...back to a time a place where food was a passion and art form...that is THE PAPPO'S WAY! And after trying PaPPo's, like many customers, you might find that any other pizza JUST doesn't  measure up. They don't measure up because they just aren't willing or are not able to invest in a scratch menu with the quality ingredients that PaPPo's uses and bake the old fashioned way on a STONE HEARTH OVEN. NO CONVEYER OVENS at PaPPo's! Yes it takes a little longer to handcraft and bake our pizzas on hearth ovens, but honestly you can taste the difference and very few places have as many choices as PaPPo's gives you. After you taste the difference, you might become fanatically loyal to PaPPo's and never turn back to the everyday ordinary. You then understand what it means when we say.... At PaPPo's...            "WE KEEP IT REAL...WE KEEP IT FRESH!"


Located at 221 E. Walnut St. in Historical Downtown Springfield! 417-866-1111   

Lake of the Ozarks

Located at 4705 Osage Beach Pkwy in Osage Beach, Mo. 573-693-1092

St. Louis 

Located at 3690 Forest Park Ave in the Historic Falstaff Brewery. 314-833-3171