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We keep it fresh, we keep it real!


When the desire to produce exceptional pizza quality increases to it's highest demonstrate your willingness to sacrifice the cost or convenience...when you become so FANATICAL that it drives you every day to a point where you are willing to do and go where others will not...back to a time a place where food was a passion and art form...that is THE PAPPO'S WAY! And after trying PaPPo's, like many customers, you might find that any other pizza JUST doesn't  measure up. They don't measure up because they just aren't willing or are not able to invest in a scratch menu with the quality ingredients that PaPPo's uses and bake the old fashioned way on a STONE HEARTH OVEN. NO CONVEYER OVENS at PaPPo's! Yes it takes a little longer to handcraft and bake our pizzas on hearth ovens, but honestly you can taste the difference and very few places have as many choices as PaPPo's gives you. After you taste the difference, you might become fanatically loyal to PaPPo's and never turn back to the everyday ordinary. You then understand what it means when we say.... At PaPPo's...                                                                                     "WE KEEP IT REAL...WE KEEP IT FRESH!"

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You could make it at point to visit all the Microbreweries that have sprung up in the US from Maine to California and all points in between and try their beers... Or, you could simply come to PaPPo's Pizzeria where we embrace this movement towards quality Craft Beer that pairs up perfectly with our handcrafted Artisan Pizzas. What's better than handcrafted PaPPo's pizza and Craft beers... We are in constant rotation of our Craft Beer Selection, as their is such a wide selection of Micro-Brewed Beers across the globe waiting to be enjoyed!  




Growing up in an Italian family, food was always an event. It was the thing looked forward to everyday. The family, the relatives... it was the thing talked about, thought about and yes sometimes even argued about. It was not only sustenance to provide energy to the body, but a pure pleasure to enjoy amazing food with family. Something you looked forward to. This is where it started.

PaPPo's Pizzeria has a simple vision to make each meal an event to be cherished and remembered. Whether it is a single patron, a couple on a date or a large family...our goal is to provide our guests with delicious hand crafted pizza and craft beers that will make it a memorable event!  Something special that we share with you, our guests!

Mangiare bene! (eat well) "PaPPo" Chris